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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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today we remember all the americans that we lost 15 years ago today to terror. as we get ready to choose the next president to protect our country for the next four year, the security chief gets his report card on how we are now. >> we're stronger when it comes to preventing against a 9/11 style attack. we very plainly have a serious threat environment when it comes to the lone wolf factor, those who self radicalize. that is a new phenomenon that we have to protect against. hillary clinton's campaign says she's, quote, feeling much better after becoming overheated and leaving the 9/11 ceremonies in new york earlier. this as her campaign does damage
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control over the presidential candidate calling half of donald trump's supporters a bucket of t deplorables. >> and donald trump calling her comments, quote, really insulting to millions of americans. thank you for joining us. i'm shannon bream. >> nice to have you back. i'm leland vittert. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. ♪ 15 years ago today, our nation was attacked, close to 3,000 people were killed in a series of four different attacks. from the world trade center to the pentagon to shanksville, pennsylvania, the nation is remembering the terrible day. both presidential candidates were at ground zero this morning to remember, but hillary clinton
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did leave the event early. rick leventhal was there to tell us more. >> reporter: good afternoon. hillary clinton was among the numerous dignitaries whies who gathered at memorial plaza for the ceremony marking 15 years since 9/11. but she left more than three hours before the ceremony was scheduled to end and we were first to report it after i was told by law enforcement sources she appeared to be medically -- have a medical issue and had to be taken out of the ground zero area. and in fact now there is video that backs up the account that i was given by law enforcement so source who was 15 feet away when she was waiting for her van and you can see her unsteady on her feet, her knees appear to buckle. and twice it appears that the people around her, her protective detail, had to help her into that van which then took off firefight.
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my sources told me one her shoes actually came off. someone else grabbed it and gave it to others in her detail. about an hour ago she said she was fine and what a beautiful day it was in new york. and now it is another gorgeous september day just as it was 15 years ago here at ground zero when the world changed forever. and what we saw that day on the streets of new york city and what we have seen in the weeks and months and years since were many episodes of bravery and heroism and sacrifice. and that is one of the things that is being celebrated here today, and was celebrated at that ceremony at ground zero showing the honor and respect to those who were lost forever. and one of the heros from that day that we wanted to tell you about was a firefighter named billy quick who raced toward the smoke and flames while thousands went running in the other direction. i met billy three hours after the towers were hit, he was standing on church street
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covered in dust from the towers. and stopped for a moment to tell me his story. >> i ran up to the building and police officer said i got people trapped down in the subway. so i went in the subway, went downstai downstairs, got people out. people bleed, screaming, and i said just keep going to your left, go to your left, go to your left. within two to three minutes after that, the first collapse happened of the building. >> we were operating in what we now know is a toxic environment for quite some time, not only on the day of the taem attack, but until we left the sight almost a year later, we were there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. and we're paying the price. >> billy quick spent more than 60 days on that pile before he blew out his knee and developed lung problems. he died five years ago from illness related to 9/11 and the toxic air he and many others were breathing. and there are thousands of
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people still suffering adverse health officials from that toxic air and they are among the people we honor this day. >> so many of them still left behind. rick, thank you very much. from new york to live pictures at shanksville, pennsylvania. and you can see folks there paying their respects in visiting the memorial to those who perished on united flight 93. of course it crashed 15 years ago today as well. the passengers on that flight had heard rumors of the hijacked planes hitting the pentagon and twin towers. and those passengers overpowered the terrorists who hijacked that flight. its destination unknown. today americans pay their respects to those passengers who along with so many others made the ultimate sacrifice. later in the show we'll go live to the pentagon where president obama took part in observeance ceremonies and we'l
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also talk to a that he have captain who survived the attack. and while the candidates did not run into each other at the 9/11 ceremony, they have been trading jab all puig end about hillary clinton's staimt calling trump supporters as a bucket of tee floorables. kristin fisher joining us with the back and forth. >> reporter: yeah, 58 days to go, and there is a new poll out today showing a tight race in four states that haven't baesh competitive in a very long time. new hampshire, nevada, arizona and georgia. according to this nbc/"wall street journal" maris poll, clinton is ahead by just one point in two states that democrats won in recent elections. last time a republican won new hampshire was in 2000. nevada was 2004. so that is bad news for hillary clinton, but there is also bad news for donald trump. in arizona and georgia, two states that republicans typically take for granted, this poll shows trump may be in trouble.
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in arizona, he's ahead by just one point and in georgia, his lead has shrunk to three points. you better believe clinton is advertising heavily. both are taking today off to mark the anniversary of 9/11. here you can see clinton at ground zero before the health scare. clinton said the threat facing our country today including isis are being fueled by trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail. >> what unfortunately donald trump has done is made our job harder. and given a lot of aid and comfort to isis operative, even isis officials, who want tos as clash of civil 6izationciviliza religious war. it's not and we can't let it become that. >> that interview was tape order friday before clinton made that comment lumping half of trump supporters in that so-called basket of deplorables. that's why she was not asked
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about it, although she has expressed some regret about making that comment. trump also paid his respects to the victims of 9/11, but last night, he waited on twitter quote hillary clinton just had her 47% moment. what a terrible thing she said about so many great americans. that 47% is a clear reference to mitt romney's big gaffe back in 2012, the question is, leland, will this comment hurt clinton as much as it did him. leland. >> polls will tell in 58 days as you say. kristin fisher, thanks so much. let's bring in our fox news digital politics editor. i want to start with the news from this morning, the video of hillary clinton not looking well, her campaign says she overheated and we have video of her a short time later coming out from chelsea clinton's apartment where she told people she was feeling much better, out walking unassisted. what is the impact on her campaign of today? >> well, look, in the way that the political world works now,
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this is a microcosm of it, a lot of americans didn't know that franklin roosevelt was stricken with polio and that he used his sons to get up to the podium. americans didn't know it. now we see everything. including iphone video shot and hillary clinton. that video will become part of this campaign their difference in a big, big way because it plays exactly into what donald trump and his campaign have been pushing, is that she is physically not able, not fit for the job. so now it's not going to be just opening up a pickle jar when she goes on "the tonight show," she will have to more to demonstrate that she's healthy enough do this. because remember, these are not young people who are running for president. and the pressure on both of help to release real medical records will go up. >> they're both roughly the same age, 68, 69. and he said earlier after ter coughing fit that he would release more medical records. do you think now he'll pony up and put the prer ssure on her d the same?
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>> she will have to do more whether or not he is willing to at that time attendant risks. and he had a health assetment halves about the wildest thing that i ever read during the prime aer primary, his doctor saying he would be the healthiest president ever. so he may be forced to pony una little bit more. but the burden is really on her. she has to deal with this. >> and also to deal with, the comment about the basket of deplorables. difference us some con tetext h. is it on par with the mitt romney 47% comment? >> the 47% comment that romney made was not that big of a deal. people overplayed it. mitt romney didn't lose because of the 47% comment. >> did not help. >> didn't help because of press coverage. the clinton campaign is dealing with this the correct way. mitt romney acted ashamed and embarrassed instead of saying it's true, 47% of the people in this country aren't paying tax. they should be participants because he's right about the
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number. he said a fkt factually true thing and he should have stuck with it. what the clinton campaign is doing will work because as republicans say, we're not half of donald trump's supporters, 20 respect about of the electorate, half are not racist. well, what percentage are? and by then sticking with this, they will -- the republicans are making a mistake in overplaying it. they shouldn't hit it so hard because the underlying truth is there are some deplorable individuals for both people, but there are some who support donald trump. that is not necessarily his fault, but he doesn't want the conversation to be about the racists, white nationalists who do support him. >> well, it would seem her comments will fire up his base, but now this individual no that we're seeing and the questions about that, they go beyond that. supporters say maybe we have some questions.
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>> the video is jarring. i think that this will overtake this basket the of deplorables business that hillary clinton would probably rather be spending the week talking about or the beginning of the week talking about instead of her health. >> and they both agreed today wouldn't be political. >> thank heavens for small favors that they can be decent to each other for one day. >> you're decent every single day. >> you, too. for more 2016 coverage, stay tuned right after the show for another airing of fox news sunday. chris wallace hosts xavier becerra and newt gingrich. and also then at 2:00, a brand new sunday edition of special report, all new news all about the campaigns and more right here on fox. a lot to talk about then and still ahead, our political panel continues the debate that chris
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was just talking about the baskets of deplorables as well as hillary clinton's health moment as we follow news in midwest, devastating tornadoes ripped through the midwest. we'll get the latest forecast to see if there are more tornadoes on the way from the fox extreme weather center. and it was the, get this, kiss felt around the world. you remember the woman who became part of one of the most iconic images of the 20th century.
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police say isis inspired a stabbing attack in sydney, australia yesterday and the suspect now faces charges of attempted murder. sydney police say the suspect attacked and stabbed a 59-year-old man several times in a park in southwest sydney and attempted to stab a police officer before they were able to arrest him. the suspect's radical beliefs are apparently. the exact motive may not be just yet.
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>> he has strong extremist beliefs. what made him actually act yesterday, we don't know, but we are hoping further investigations will uncover that. >> the victim is still in critical condition. and video we have coming into the fox news newsroom of hillary clinton appearing to fall as she left the 9/11 memorial service early. here is the video, you can see her walking to her van and just about there, she appears to fall right there and need to be helped up either by her protective detail or other of her staff. according to her campaign, she overheated there at the 9/11 memorial event. about an hour later, we saw her leaving under her own power from her daughter chelsea's home.
10:19 am
here to discuss what this means for her campaign that in many ways has become about the health of the candidates, our panel. nice to see you both. no ford, start with you. chris said that he thought that this video, this incident, changed the take jeger rajector race, which is a significant statement considering how many changing events we've had over the past year or so. do you agree? >> it could. i need to know a lot more about it, but i have to say if questions of hillary clinton's health come into it, that is a very big problem for her because remember, questions of health and age have always been a problem for candidates in the past, whether reagan, whether it was mccain. this is something that voters like to actually talk about. and it's something that really could change with undecided voters that make up about 20% of the electorate so it depends on what happens more, but this is something that could boost trump's chances. >> jessica, is this a
10:20 am
conversation hillary clinton and her campaign want to have? >> they don't want to, but they have to. we know with the medical information that she has a much more elaborate record than donald trump does. his doctor even said that he prepared his note this five minutes while jumping into limo and hillary clinton has a real doctor's note and that has also been added to where she said that she was in great health and was fit to be president. and i think that we will be talking about this more. i was down at ground zero this morning and it was certainly very hot and humid. but i do understand concerns about it. and i think it's a conversation to have. but it is not the only conversation to have. and the trump campaign will run away with this and make this the main issue especially on today, on 9/11, when she was out there paying her respects. >> jessica, the problem is that there is a backlog of potential hillary clinton health issues that date back to what happened with testifying before congress.
10:21 am
there are questions about her health and this could be something that she's really going to have to explain. >> i'm not saying that she shouldn't explain it, i just said that there is on a hot and humid day good reason to think that someone could have overheated and fainted. and i think both candidates have to be open and honest about her medical records. >> i totally agree with you about the medical record, but if you didn't have this backlog, this wouldn't be such a jarring moment. but we know that there is something going on here with hillary clinton's health. what it is, i don't know. and we have to get the health records out there of both 2k candidates. >> and we'll have to see whether both actually release some form of health records rather than doctor's notes. my doctor's notes there high school said lots of candidate things. moving on, the other issue that really was up until now the big discussion point was basket of deplorables, what hillary clinton called half of donald trump's supporters. ford, if you read her statement
10:22 am
that she put out yesterday, it sounded like gee, this was a mistake, i shouldn't have called half of trump's supporters baskets of deplorables. do you think that line was a mistake? >> no, this was not a mistake. what is happening here is clinton is engaging in a high risk strategy to gin up support among folks who may not turn out to vote in this election. you have to look at thetighteni enthusiasm gap in favor of trump and 20% undecided. these are mostly younger minority and white educated college voters. and if they don't turn out, is he hshe may lose to donald trum. she will play up their prejudice and fears in an effort to say he's a bigoted mondster and iyo can't vote to her. >> on ford's point that calling
10:23 am
people deplorable does not come out of dale ckacarnegie's how t win friends and influence people. >> it several was a mistake. what hillary clinton was trying to do, and i take 95% of ford's points which is a big number for me -- >> history of tv being made. >> great. the point is that one of her alt-right speech which she gave a couple weeks ago goeg w s as the best received so far. so i think she was trying to get back to that talk about the forces alive and well in the trump campaign. two-thirds think president obama isn't an american, 76% favor the muslim ban, 40% say that african-americans are lazier, more violent and ruder than whites. i mean, you have people who thought that it was reasonable to call mexicans criminals and
10:24 am
racists. >> she know what is she's doing. she isn't backing todown. she's made it before, whether the alt-right speech -- but understand, it could backfire on her because if this 20% of undecided voters didn't turn out to vote or pull the lever for her and it fires up his core base of supporters and gets more donations, guess what? this whole election could come down to the debates. i understand that's the risk clinton is willing to take, but you're playing with fire in this case and it could come back to bite you particularly when you add on this health video, as well. >> and best part is i don't have to give jessica the last word, she already said it, 95% of what you said she agrees with. i think both of you would take 245 fr that from the other side. good to see you. the woman who was hit by a u.s. sailor in a euphoric moment celebrating the end of world war ii has died at the age ever 92. she died thursday. she was just a 21-year-old dental assistant on august 14th,
10:25 am
1945 celebrating vj day in new york when george spun her around and planted one on her. and that captured in that photo by a "life" magazine photographer. one of the 20th century's most defining images. i feel like you can actually feel the emotion.image, but you feel the exicitement in the streets. >> and if you weren't there, you can't experience it, but to your point, you see that and picture worth 1,000 words respe, probab 10,000 words. >> and now those of us who weren't around when it happened, i feel like every time i see that picture it captures the entire country, everybody being so relieved what tthey had vanq, their guys coming home and women who had as well. and just that moment is captured so well. >> you think about that on 9/11,
10:26 am
too, the joy that that generation felt at the end of wrld w world war ii and what that means for our generation going forward from 9/11 when we can have a moment of relief. >> god bless them both. that sometimes still happens in types square, but people end up getting punched. ing on. coming up, wild weather leaving a path of deconstruction in the midwest. we'll tell you where and how many tornadoes touched down. plus, 15 years later we remember the tragic event of that day. derrick henne was at the ceremony earlier today. >> reporter: and you can see the stars and stripes are once again hanging outside the pentagon on the west side where 15 years ago flight 77 crashed into the building and where today 15 years later the effects of 9/11 are still felt. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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10:32 am
shorter every year, but for those families who lost loved ones on 9/11, for those who were here at the pentagon when the plane crashed, it still feels look it was almost yesterday that it all happened. 184 men, women and children died when american airlines flight 77 crashed here into the pentagon 15 years ago. many of the victims were civilian, others died while heroically trying to rescue others. the youngest victim was only three years old. today president obama paid tribute to the thousands who lost their lives in those attacks. >> how do we preserve the legacy of those we lost? we've seen the answer in a generation of american, our american and women in uniform, diplomats, intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement professionals respect all who have stepped
10:33 am
forward to serve. >> indeed here at the pentagon the effects of the 9/11 attacks have been felt on a daily basis. those attacks kicked off wars in iraq and afghanistan where thousands of u.s. soldiers have lost their lives and where we're still fighting today. in his remarks today, ash carter said those sacrifices have not been in vein. >> our men and women in uniform steadfast ever have provided the security and upheld the values that have allowed millions upon millions of people, not just in the united states, but around the world, to be safe, to raise their children, to dream their dreams, to live lives that are full. >> and earlier day, jeh johnson said the u.s. is much more prepared for a 9/11 attack today than it was 15 years ago, but that the new threat that we face
10:34 am
is the lone wolf style attacks and that is the new challenge we're dealing with today as we look back on what happened 15 years ago. >> and we have to thank our intelligence community working around the clock to keep track on the potential actors. garrett, thank you very much. today also marks tofour yea since the attacks this benghazi. four americans lost their lives including ambassador chris stevens, the first ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979. ambassador stevens and sean smith were killed in the initial attack, tie ron woods and gasoline doherug glenn glen dohd in a separate attack. many americans were injured, as well. tornados ripped apart at least two homes as four twisters made their way through parts of central illinois friday night.
10:35 am
fortunately there were no major injury, but the small town of home, illinois was the hardest hit. as we watch that tornado, think about this, a 116-year-old farmhouse that had stood on those plains for so long were reduced to rubble. one tornado was on the ground for 17 minutes. a little bit farther west, people in the plains are bracing for a drop in temperatures that could finally bring fall weather. you know i love fall, except for the fact that you know what is coming next. >> i don't want to say the s word, but i have to temperature we could actually see snow across the hire he wihigher ele rockies. shannon is covering her ears. but let's take a look at it still summertime across the southeast as well as the northeast. but we do have a cold front that is pushing across the great leaks and northeast that will bring some relief from the hot sticky temperatures that we've been feeling across the eastern seaboard. so there is the front that will
10:36 am
sweep off across new england, bringing with it the potential for showers and thunderstorms. nothing big in the way of severe weather, but let's take a look at the potential for a little bit of sn-n-o-ws-n-o-w, snow ac northern rockies. this is the time of year that they start to see it, on not out of the question, but for shannon bream, we have to be quiet when we talk about the snow. ahead of the system, we will watch high fire danger for all of these areas. red flag warnings and fire weather watch because of the gusty winds. and still watching the tropics. we're watching areas of interest across the atlantic and pacific. nothing that will develop over the next five days. this is the next area right about here and the computer models are showing it's going to continue to move sort of north and westward and then make a curve east of bermuda, which is the type of tropical activity that we like around here, the stuff that sdwnt potentially hit
10:37 am
us. forecast highs real quick still warm across the central u.s., but there is the cooler air moving in across the northern rockies and the northern plains take that could bring a little bit of you know what. shannon, back to you. >> somehow it's slightly better when you spell it. so i appreciate that. we'll enjoy fall. of course major changes happened after 9/11 just like this one, airport security changed our lives. but even with all of those changes, just how safe are we today? we heard of course from jeh johnson about that. one expert might have a slightly different view coming up next.
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the anniversary of 9/11 brings with it the question of how safe we really are. and is the u.s. capable of stopping another major terror attack like the one that wrought down the twin towers. joins you now, georgetown professor nick pal lireno. what counseling today is our biggest foreign polling city threat to the u.s.? >> well, i think at this point it's lone wolfs. and that emanates from the jihadist movements that are oversea. >> about and it's hard for to us keep up with the different groups and fractions and what their names are and whether they're alive, whether they hate each other. hugh do o how do our intelligence agencies keep track of all these people? >> it's a monumental task and
10:43 am
we've poured billions into this and tried to establish alliances with countries overseas to keep track of all of the different groups. but, you know, in response to your initial question about are we safer today than we were 15 years ago, you have to break that into two parts. first part is domestically and home hand security. and basically as an act of omission i give that a grade of b. and the reason is there hasn't been a major terrorist attack. but there have been problems. >> many lone wolfs. >> hasan at forth hood, orlando shooter, and so on. and there we didn't -- we weren't able to connect the dots. anded other side is
10:44 am
international and i give it a grade of "f." post-9/11, we were focused on al qaeda. but now we have a proliferation of groups out there and it's just difficult to of them. and let's face it, they are existential threat to not the united states so much, but to u.s. interests and our allies overseas. >> and they have made no secret of the fact that many of then want to be truly an existential threat to israel and plots busted up in france and along in belgium and other areas. it seen lip seems like that is threat. what do we do as far as coordinating with international governments an agencies? they all have their own interests and sometimes they don't line up with ourselves. how difficult is that part of the equation? >> it is difficult especially some of the countries that we
10:45 am
classify as terrorist countries, if you will. but we do have to re-establish relationships with countries like for example the sudan. they have a program there that they're taking defectors from the islamic state movement and they're putting them on the internet to tell their stories about how these barbarians -- what they're doing in the different countries. and we have to plug into those programs to help them and get the word out. >> unique way of tackling the problems and seems very creative and we do have to think out of the box. professor, thank you for coming in today. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. still ahead, he went to work 15 years ago today to serve his country at the pentagon as we look at a picture from this morning. not he knowing what that fateful day had in store for him and for
10:46 am
his friend. next, thoughts of retired navy captain and survivor of the 9/11 attacks.
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six months after the twin towers fell, they returned in the form of two blue beams of light projected four miles in to the sky. now every year on the eve of 9/11, they light the manhattan skyline again as a commemoration known as tribute in height. the beamslights. the beams saefshzerve as a memoo those were killed and to those who were there after the attacks. americans flight 777 smashed into the pentagon killing 79 passengers and crew as well as 125 others inside the building. as you might remember, the pentagon burned for days after. retired navy captain william toty was in the building when it happened. he was planning to retire, and instead re-upped for another five years. appreciate your service, sir. >> thank you. >> 15 years is a long time. give us the enduring lessons and
10:51 am
emotions you have right now looking back. >> sadly, as i see the post-9/11 signs, flags hanging outside buildings, and how we say we've learned the lessons from 9/11, sadly, i don't think we have learned. the country was more united than any time it has been since pearl harbor, and 15 years later, one could argue we've never been more divided than any time in our history. >> the polls show that. you think about the people who were lost, and it's easy when you think about the numbers to sort of gloss over that, and you think about the individual stories. i know you lost a good friend patrick dunne there in the pentagon. do you think his loss in some way is in vain if we haven't learned those lessons? >> sadly, i do. patrick dunne, another friend cat taken detonto.
10:52 am
these people's dreams were mutilated because of 9/11. patrick dunne was a very particular man who would have served this country in great ways had he lived. i mourn their loss, but more importantly, i wish the country had learned the lessons from that loss. >> the lessons politically as you said about coming together, do you think we've learned the lessons if you want to say militarily or about the naivete we had in the pre-9/11? >> i think we learned that the evil is still out there and that something as creative as 9/11 could happen again. these are not stupid people we're dealing with. they're very creative people, and they are evil, and if we allow it to happen, it will again. i worry that there is a population of people, maybe the youngers ones, who don't remember 9/11 as clearly as some of us do, that really don't have that presence of thought. >> that understanding of evil
10:53 am
that we all confronted. 15 years later, and we'll move a little bit into sort of the current day, there is the 9/11 bill that congress passed on friday afternoon that would allow victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue the government that is primarily responsible for the attacks, primarily to go after the saudi government. president obama as spokesman saying it would be difficult to imagine the president signing this bill. how do you feel about that? >> leland, i can believe there are people who might work for certain governments who had involvement in the presence of certain parts of 9/11. it's hard for me to believe the government was involved. i would support to veto that bill. but my approach is not the political one, it's the military approach and learning the right military lessons. i think we've done that. but on this anniversary, i really do want people to focus on loss and the opportunity to
10:54 am
learn. >> and the opportunity to learn, to remember and to come together. gavin, we appreciate your time and obviously your service. great insight. >> thank you very much. >> shannon? >> a somber day for our nation as we remember the thousands of lives lost 15 years ago today. still ahead, a look at how americans nationwide recognize the day. when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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from the world trade center to the pentagon to a field in pennsylvania, our nation is remembering the innocent lives lost this day 15 years ago. >> a few minutes of our fellow americans remembering a day certainly we can all never forget. >> lou adler.
10:59 am
>> marie vincent berry. >> my brother, firefighter joseph patrick henry, ladder 21. just knowing you're up there protecting and watching over us gives our family strength every day. >> 15 years may seem like a long time, but for the families who lost a piece of their heart that day, i imagine it can seem like just yesterday. perhaps it's the memory of a last kiss given to a spouse or the last goodbye to a mother or father, a sister, or a brother. we wonder how their lives might have unfolded, how their dreams might have taken shape. >> my brother, captain joseph m.
11:00 am
dahl. >> my son, jerry logan blake. i'm chris wallace. 15 years after 9/11, we'll examine the security of our homeland. are americans more or less safe, and how is it shaping the trump/clinton campaign? as we pause to remember one of the darkest days in our nation's history, we get an assessment of future threats. >> you cannot eliminate all risk whether it's a terrorist attack or a mass shooting. >> today secretary of homeland security jeh johnson on keeping america safe. then a dedabate


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